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University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 29 Collections and/or Records:

Braves Gameday Fan Guide, 2007

 Item — Box 1: Series UNIV-ARCH-ATHL-0000, Folder: 13
Identifier: UNIV-ARCH-ATHL-0032

Ralph Steeds Art Print Collection

 Collection — Flat file 2: Series RSAP-2019-0004; Series RSAP-2019-0005; Series RSAP-2019-0006; Series RSAP-2019-0007; Series RSAP-2019-0008; Series RSAP-2019-0009; Series RSAP-2019-0010; Series RSAP-2019-0011; Series RSAP-2019-0012; Series RSAP-2019-0013; Series RSAP-2019-0014; Series RSAP-2019-0016; Series RSAP-2019-0015; Series RSAP-2019-0017; Series RSAP-2019-0018; Series RSAP-2019-0019; Series RSAP-2019-0020; Series RSAP-2019-0021; Series RSAP-2019-0022; Series RSAP-2019-0023; Series RSAP-2019-0024; Series RSAP-2019-0025; Series RSAP-2019-0026; Series RSAP-2019-0027; Series RSAP-2019-0028; Series RSAP-2019-0029; Series RSAP-2019-0030; Series RSAP-2019-0031; Series RSAP-2019-0032; Series RSAP-2019-0033; Series RSAP-2019-0034; Series RSAP-2019-0035; Series RSAP-2019-0036; Series RSAP-2019-0037; Series RSAP-2019-0038; Series RSAP-2019-0039; Series RSAP-2019-0040; Series RSAP-2019-0041; Series RSAP-2019-0042; Series RSAP-2019-0043; Series RSAP-2019-0044; Series RSAP-2019-0045; Series RSAP-2019-0046; Series RSAP-2019-0047; Series RSAP-2019-0048; Series RSAP-2019-0049; Series RSAP-2019-0050; Series RSAP-2019-0051; Series RSAP-2019-0052; Series RSAP-2019-0053; Series RSAP-2019-0054; Series RSAP-2019-0055; Series RSAP-2019-0056; Series RSAP-2019-0057; Series RSAP-2019-0058; Series RSAP-2019-0059; Series RSAP-2019-0060; Series RSAP-2019-0061; Series RSAP-2019-0062; Series RSAP-2019-0063; Series RSAP-2019-0064; Series RSAP-2019-0065; Series RSAP-2019-0066; Series RSAP-2019-0067; Series RSAP-2019-0068; Series RSAP-2019-0069; Series RSAP-2019-0070; Series RSAP-2019-0071; Series RSAP-2019-0072; Series RSAP-2019-0073; Series RSAP-2019-0074; Series RSAP-2019-0075; Series RSAP-2019-0076; Series RSAP-2019-0077; Series RSAP-2019-0078; Series RSAP-2019-0079; Series RSAP-2019-0001; Series RSAP-2019-0002; Series RSAP-2019-0003; Series RSAP-2019-0080
Identifier: RSAP-2019

Twelfth Annual Peach Belt Conference Student Art Exhibit, 2004-03-02 - 2004-03-07

 Item — Box 1: Series UNIV-ARCH-ATHL-0000, Folder: 11
Identifier: UNIV-ARCH-ATHL-0019

UNC-Pembroke Braves Athletics Record Book, 19th Edition, 2004 - 2005

 Item — Box 1: Series UNIV-ARCH-PUBS; Series UNIV-ARCH-HNDB-0000; Series UNIV-ARCH-ATHL-0000, Folder: 12
Identifier: UNIV-ARCH-ATHL-0030

UNC-Pembroke Braves Club Brochure, 2001

 Item — Box 1: Series UNIV-ARCH-ATHL-0000, Folder: 9
Identifier: UNIV-ARCH-ATHL-0014

UNC Pembroke Football XL Tee-shirt, 2007

 Item — Box 2: Series UNIV-ARCH-ATHL-0000
Identifier: UNIV-ARCH-ATHL-0037

UNC-Pembroke Men's/Women's Basketball, 2001 - 2002

 Item — Box 1: Series UNIV-ARCH-ATHL-0000, Folder: 9
Identifier: UNIV-ARCH-ATHL-0015